They then publicly released a list of every

Lee High School branded items for sale in Staunton

The school is under construction right now that had been planned for years before the city’s school board voted to rename it.

Principal Collins told WHSV a few weeks ago that new uniforms, bearing the name of Staunton High School, have been ordered and should be ready to go for fall sports.

As for costs when it comes to the entire name change process, the Staunton School Board previously addressed questions about the costs associated with renaming the school, saying it’s safe to estimate $200,000 would be needed to replace athletic gear with the school’s branding, but that that amount represents less than one percent of the school division’s operating budget of $31.8 million. Many of the costs were expected to be absorbed as part of the city’s plans for renovations.

The name of General Lee stuck with the school until recent nationwide debates over confederate symbolism in today’s society, with a renewed interest in name change after the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville.

The school board voted 4 2 to rename “Robert E. Lee High” back in 2018, and a short time later, released a survey to take ideas for a new name from city residents. People could choose from one of five suggested names, or provide their own. They then publicly released a list of every suggestion they received.

The school board received over 4,000 submissions and votes for “Staunton High School” made up the greatest amount, followed by “Queen City High School” a few hundred votes behind. On November 12, the school board voted to return the school to its original name of Staunton High School.

## ## After the school board’s official vote in November, students and staff at the high school decided they would be the home of the Staunton Storm.

According to a press release from the school board, the inspiration for the nickname and mascot came from a quote popularized by New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady: “Fate whispers to the warrior, ‘you cannot withstand the storm.’ The warrior whispers back, ‘I am the storm.'”

“This reflects the strength we have in the diversity of individuals at Staunton High School and our unified spirit,” said Principal Nate Collins. “The warrior’s shield acknowledges our role as protectors and our responsibility to each other. The lightning bolt is indicative of our power and our desire to always “lead the charge,” a motto we often reference at the high school. And finally, the classic Greek styling of the warrior is a nod to history and a reflection of our city, known for its classic architecture, including many in the Greek Revival style.”

The renovated school will hold about 125 more students than the current school and will include a new bus loop, auxiliary gym, more space in classrooms and more technology in the classrooms.

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